Louise Series Continues with two "I CAN READ" level 1 readers !!

Hello World! I am back.

And…. SO IS LOUISE !!!

Hooray! Wahoooo! and there is much rejoicing in the land…

Louise and Art and The cat are busy at home in these two books, making art, making a new friend and making some cupcakes. Louise always finds a way to see things creatively.

I hope everyone will enjoy spending some more time with these characters that I love to draw.

The books come in both soft cover and hard cover! Look for them wherever the HarperCollin’s “I Can Read” series are sold!

You can read descriptions on the “Books” page of this site. Just click the bake sale book pic!

[ ..and on a personal note… these two books were hard fought for for me. Making them in the midst of trying times was a fascinating study in creativity in the space of trauma. So, for me they will always be two badges of survival. NOW ONWARD!! More books to make! ]

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